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суспенд в твиттере

Декабрь 16th, 2011

Недавно новости этого сайта перестали публиковаться в твиттере. Причём поначалу отметки суспенда на приложении не было. Уведомления на почту также не приходили. Написал им письмо (под катом), слежу за развитием событий.

I’m writing you to obtain information about reason of suspending my application.
I have an error (Invalid / suspended application) since November 22.
The application suspended, no email/reason received.
The application was informing my friends about news in my blog.
What should I do to make the application alive?

Application Name: kartz
Account the application was registered to: dobersoft

Конец письма.
Спасибо Елене Викторовне за курсы научной и деловой иностранной корреспонденции.

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Декабрь 16th, 2011 14:06:29

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Thank you for writing in. Your application has been suspended because it provided an Application URL which did not describe a specific Twitter implementation or application. This provides a misleading user experience for our users, which is a violation of our API Terms of Service (https dev.twitter.com/terms/api-terms ). Even if you are using this URL as a landing page while you build a separate application, please change it to one that better describes your application. If such a webpage is unavailable, please reply with a detailed description of how you intend to interact with the Twitter API and we will be happy to reconsider your suspension.

Twitter API Policy


Thank you for short answer.

Application website settings was changed to http vklinu.ru/kartz/about.html

Is it enough?

Will any application be automatically deblocked after changing URL to provede correct description?

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